About Us

It all started with: "Let's create a funny token to test the new features on the Elrond Network." Seeing the Elrond Community's enthusiasm for our token, we immediately thought: "How about we give Deez $NUTS a real purpose?".

The name "NUTS" was inspired by a popular meme and the resemblance that we saw between a crypto holder and squirrels with their nuts. Aside from the fact that squirrels fail to recover up to 74% of the nuts they bury... they are excellent holders. 🤣

NUTS is now used as the primary ⛽ fuel of the 🎮 dApp, a decentralized platform built by us that hosts a variety of gambling 🎰 games, specifically designed to entertain and reward the Elrond community while also providing significant benefits to its users and NUTS NFT Holders.

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Growth Roadmap

ℹ️ The information contained in this section does not claim to be complete. This section may be amended and/or completed from time to time.

Q1 - 2022


  • 👶 Birth day - 2 February
  • 🔥 Marketing push to spread awareness
  • 🚩 Achieve 10k followers on Twitter
  • 🪂 Airdrop 6969 $NUTS to 10k accounts
  • 🪙 Brand $NUTS Token on Elrond mainnet
  • 🏗️ Website Launch
  • 🎨 Launch "MEMEverce SquirrelS" NFT Collection
  • 🧱 Create Staking Program for NFT holders
  • Q2 - 2022


  • 🧱 Integrate Staking Functionality for NFTs on ✔
  • 🎭 Launch MEMEverce Collection 2nd Batch ✔
  • 🎨 Website Redesign ✔
  • 🕹️ Official Announcement of dApp / Details ✔
  • 🦄 Community Growth
  • 🕹️ Beta Testing ✔
  • 🎭 Mint MEMEverce VIP Cards ✔
  • 🧍Team growth / 🏢 Bringing new Investors
  • Q3 - 2022


  • 🎮 Launch dApp v1.0.0 🎮 ✔
  • 🛒 Mint / Buy / Sell NFTs on using $NUTS
  • 🤝 Partnerships with Other NFT Collections ✔
  • 🌰 $NUTS Pre/Public Sale
  • 🐦 30k followers on Twitter
  • 👕 MEMEverce Merch Shop
  • 📈 Large influencer marketing push
  • 💸 List on
  • Q4 - 2022


  • 🏪 Affiliate with e-commerce websites to accept $NUTS as payment
  • 🪂 Airdrop
  • 📈 List $NUTS on other Exchanges
  • 🏭 Launch DAO (Governed by MEMEverce NFT holders)
  • Tokenomics

    Token Details

    Token Name:NUTS
    Supply:690.690.690 🌰
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    We know that no one wants to read a long whitepaper filled with numbers and extra words, therefore, we'll outline our project in a few exact lines.

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    Meet The Team

    Teamwork is essential because it allows you to blame someone else 🤪

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    Gabriel - Ozuna


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    Developer - eNFTMemes Founder

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    Business Analyst

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    Marketing & HR Specialist

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    Social Media Admin

    Join The 🤪 NUTS Community

    Join a genuine community of 6k+ members on Discord | 12k+ on Twitter and 1k+ on Telegram!

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    NUTS FAQ 🙋

    Joining the NUTS community means becoming part of a family that believes in the future of the Elrond ecosystem and Blockchain technology.

  • 💰 STAKING Rewards: Stake your MEMEverce NFTs and earn $NUTS for locking your NFTs for a minimum period of 7 days
  • 🌿 Mint / Make Offers / Sell / Buy / Bid on NFTs with $NUTS (Scheduled for Q3 2022 on
  • 🎮 MEMEverce-Games Utility Token: $NUTS will be the main fuel of the MEMEverce Games dApp
  • 👛 Tip Token for MEME content creators ( Tip your fav MEMEs on - Currently in Beta Testing on Elrond Testnet) 
  • 👕 Use $NUTS to apply vouchers on our own merchandise shop (Scheduled for Q3 2022)

  • We’ll bring more and more utility for the $NUTS token as we move forward on this journey to Web 3.0 🚀

  • We’ll provide perks and benefits to our NFT holders:
  • Part of royalties will be redistributed to the community and charity causes
  • Passive Income: earn $NUTS / $LKMEX and other tokens by staking your SquirrelS
  • Special Events – NFTs and $NUTS airdrops for holders
  • Increased Buy-Back% on future Collections for MEMEverce holders
  • Special Roles on the Discord server
  • Ability to vote on NUTS DAO (Scheduled for Q4 of 2022)

  • Your MEMEverce Squirrel can serve as your digital identity in the Web3 Metaverce.

    Currently, you can buy/sell $NUTS on P2P exchange. Do your own research and choose the best price to sell/buy.

    The Presale Rounds will take place after the launch of the MEMEverce-Games dApp

    NUTS Token will be listed on the Maiar Exchange once the MEMEverce-Games dApp is launched and the Presale is complete ( Q3 - 2022 ).

    You can trade SquirrelS on Eneftor, Dead Rare, Trust Market, Isengard. Please make sure the NFT belongs to the collection NUTS-005de8.